About Us

We ARE your father’s mechanic. Remember? back when a mechanic cared more about fixing your car than making a dollar?
→ When the mechanic wasn’t trying to sell you something every 5 minutes.
→ When the guy behind the counter WAS THE OWNER and even HE was covered in grease?
→ When mechanics cared about customers and took pride in their work.

Well? That’s who we are. Owner and practicing mechanic Kevin Kinnard leads by example. You can find him working on cars in his own bay or taking care of customers. We all have grease on our hands. We all take pride in our work.

We only use quality parts in our repairs. In today’s world there are so many cheap parts available on the internet that don’t last and end up causing more problems. Cheap parts aren’t good for business and they definitely aren’t good for your car.

We know that your car isn’t just your transportation, it’s your pride and your freedom.

We expect our customers to run to us not from us.
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